Monday, October 11, 2010

Nature Box

The kids have a collection of rocks, sticks, feathers, shells and other various pieces of nature they've found on our walks (I never allow them to take anything except what I think might already be subject to removal by the army of landscapers that populate our area). This morning on our walk to school we found the holy grail of nature collections - an owl pellet. We've only found one before, a few years ago now, but the kids remember it like it was yesterday, and still talk about it. We promised Fin we wouldn't take the pellet apart till he got home. He declared he was going to start a mouse bone collection with this pellet. Searching for something to put the pellet in, I came across this box and containers my dad had given me and P and I decided to make it our nature box. We separated her rock collection by color, and came up with examples of all their collections. So she has a shell, her rocks, a crystal, the owl pellet, pine cones, a feather and seed pods. She had a blast figuring out what to put in each container and arranging her box just so.

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