Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Parker: "Red is my most favorite color in the world."
Griffin: "I thought you said purple was your favorite."
Parker: "Yeah, I favorite dem both."

For Christmas we got Parker a "Carnival of the Animals" record. Despite me correcting her several times she continues to call it "CARNIVORE of the Animals"

I realized the other day that Fin thinks when people say 'wife' they are saying 'life'. As in, "You're Dad's life right?" I didn't want to correct him.

Griffin was watching cartoons this morning. And if you haven't watched cartoons in a while, you should know that a lot of them do this slightly annoying thing where they demand the viewers to "help" them (Dora is an especially strident task master). On screen Mickey was telling the kids to help him turn the key, saying "Turn! Turn! Turn!" Griffin was talking along with it and said, "Turn! Turn! Turn it yourself Mickey!"

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