Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby Arlo Love

Seeing the kids with babies is so sweet. They love their friend "Baby Carter" (they refuse to call him anything but Baby Carter) and now they dote on their cousin. Even before Arlo was born they were so excited about him. They were very invested in the whole process, talking about how Jessi's baby would get out (that was a hilarious conversation), what they should name him (Fin's pick was Wolfgang) even going to an appointment to see him on the ultrasound. Parker left the hospital kicking and screaming when Jessi was in labor (she was determined to see that baby). Now that he's here, the second he opens his eyes they are all over him, trying to make him smile. I can't wait till Arlo gets a little older and can really start interacting with them.


Surf City Speed said...
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chris said...

aw! baby Arlo loves his cousins too! Those pictures are adorable!