Monday, February 7, 2011

Bower's Museum of Cultral Art

Fin learned all about the Chinese New Year in school last week and was excited about the big dragons in the parades. I went online to see if we could find any parades near us, but unfortunately the only one I could find was on Saturday morning and I had to work. But I did find out that Bower's was having a family festival and free admission to the museum.* We're always down for some museum time, especially when its free!

The kid's got their arms painted (neither one wanted it on their face) and then refused to bathe last night so they could keep these longer.

The largest exhibit they had was dedicated to art of the Pacific Islands and had a great collection of amazing masks

Bone daggers from the Pacific Islands

Jolly looking ancient chinese horses

Griffin giggled and mock whispered to me:"Oooh, look Mom! An ancient DVD!"

This hand was carved out of quartz, every single tiny bone

Some REAL statement jewelry

Quilts of America (I love this one, called a "Crazy Quilt"

Ceiling in the California Legacies room

If you didn't know already, Target sponsors free admission and festivals at several museums throughout the country. We've been to three now, and love them. The kids get to do free crafts and we get to go to museums we might not otherwise go to because of the admission price. If you think your kids are too young or won't like going to a museum this is a great way to "test-drive" them without shelling out $50. ;) You can find schedules and locations here. :)


Breann Crain said...

Thanks for posting the link to the schedule. That's awesome. I didn't know that even existed.

Christy said...

LOVE this. Parker's hair looks adorable and I died laughing over Fin's DVD comment!