Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I would like to thank God, and my mom, and all the little people...

Parker and I attended a mother daughter luncheon with my mom, and the majority of the females in my family.  There was a speaker, who spoke for a good hour or so.  In anticipation of this I had brought crayons for Parker to color with.  She never really touched them preferring instead to drink an entire pitcher of lemonade by taking a sip, giving me a sip, then giving Gammie a sip.  The fun part was that she shoved the cup in your general direction and started pouring, so my mom and I had to duck our heads and literally catch the lemonade as it poured out.  Then Parker would take a napkin and wipe our faces for us ("mess.  mess." she would tsk tsk).  When she got bored with that she preceded to decapitate all the frogs on our name tags, and managed to looked shocked and appalled every time she did it.  *pulls head off frog* "Oh! Uh-oh!"  deep frown, brow furrowed "Whaa happened?!"  Every once in awhile she'd pick up a crayon and doodle.  But she managed to make it all the way through the talk without once trying to get down, or making a fuss whatsoever.  The other family at our table was smitten with her as soon as we sat down (who could resist those golden curls and blue eyes?), but as we left the mom of the group gave me a compliment equal to winning a parenting Oscar:
 "I just have to tell you, you have the best behaved little girl."   

"Yeah,"  I said, "She's a good girl."

Its days like that that make you completely forget the mornings she cried for ten minutes because you dared to make her wear pants.  

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