Sunday, May 18, 2008

weekend update

We were busy busy lazy bees all weekend.

Worked Friday night and Saturday, but was rescued early from work on Saturday by the sisters (woo-hoo!)  Scored some perfect fitting jeans for $12.50 and then it was on home to rest up for the big bach-o-lerette party.  Got some snuggle time in with the beans, tucked them in and was off to Jessi's house to meet the gals.  The plan was to get fabolous, then go to the Edison Bar in LA, get tipsy, embarrass Jessi and come home tuckered out.  In real life we got fabulous, drove to LA, got told one of us couldn't get in (dress code) then spent two hours fighting LA traffic trying to find somewhere to go.  Ended up grabbing chips, beef jerky and red bull at 7-11 and heading home.  Longest trip to a 7-11 ever.  But the desperateness of the situation only made us giddy, and we ended up laughing so hard Jessi almost had Red Bull coming out her nose, so it wasn't a total loss.  And now we have an excuse to go out again.  Came home at 2:30 in the morning fully expecting a sleeping house, only to be given a small coronary by opening my front door to find Parker twirling her hair, saying "Hi Mammmmaaa."  like it was three in the afternoon.  Guess that babygate needs to go back up.  Josh and I were trying to decide if she heard the car horn when I locked the doors and then came down, or if she makes nightly tours of the house and quietly tucks herself back in.  I seriously wouldn't put it past her.
Sunday was spent battling the oppresive heat.  Spent some time at the pool, spent some time napping, and then spent some time at Petsmart, falling in love with kitties we can't have.  Once the sun started to go down a little bit we decided to head out to Disneyland, as the Finster was desperate for some Pirates of the Can-beanen action.  Our timing was perfect because there was hardly anyone there, and we made it on to quite a few rides, including one of Fin and mines favorites, the Ferris Wheel.  For those of you who are not aquainted with this beauty, it is a GIANT ferris wheel, and not only is giant, but 2/3 of the carts are on rails, so that when you come up the sides, or down the sides, the cart swings way out and  back in.  Since we were there by ourselves, and Parker likes the ride too, Josh was kind of forced to ride.  He's never been on it, as he is "kind of" (translation deathly) afraid of heights.  This led to my favorite moment of the weekend by far, and he hates me for doing this, but I just can't let this just sit on our computer.  See what a great dad he is:

I only wish our digital camera took longer videos so you could hear him yell over and over, "NO!  SERIOUSLY, WHAT WAS THAT SOUND??!!"

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