Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It might be time to invest in a doggy door

Since officially adopting Tammie we have been reluctant to invest in a doggy door for a house that isn't ours.  This means that we have to leave the back door slightly ajar, because while she's pretty good at letting us know when she needs out, sometimes she just gives up and pees right next to the door instead.  Can't really blame her, we're probably pretty distracted most of the time, and she's not a scratch at the door, bark and whine kind of dog.  She's mostly a stare at you intently and leap at the door when you ask "potty?" kind of dog.  And in a house dominated by a preschooler and a toddler the silent stare can go under the radar.  Tonight though, we are questioning wether it just might be worth shelling out some money for a doggy door.  One that preferable only lets in and out Tammie and Tammie alone.  I just got home from work, and Josh said, well I've been trying to call you.  Oh?  Why?  Did you need something?  No, no, I was just calling to tell you while I was sitting at the computer (which is about three feet away from our back door) A SKUNK WALKED INTO THE KITCHEN.  
Now, let me tell you a little bit about my darling husband.  He's absolutely certain we will be eaten by mountain lions while walking to the Dairy Queen at twilight.  Once we saw a skunk across both a creek and a ravine, and he nervously started walking quicker, barking at me that we needed to get home, because LOOK ALL THE ANIMALS ARE COMING OUT.  When we went camping in Big Bear he spent the entire weekend sure that every snapping twig was a grizzly out stalking adorable toddlers.  The idea that a wild animal would just saunter into his kitchen less than three feet away from him is probably right up there in his greatest fear list with armed robbery and his computer crashing.  
What did you do? I asked.  I yelled "OH CRAP!"  and then he starts to do a headstand so I bolted to the living room, where I yelled at it.  And did he walk out?  Yeah I only went back in when I noticed Tammie came out from under the table, so I was yelling at her to stay away, so then I snuck back into the kitchen and he was gone.  

All the fun stuff happens when I'm at work.

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Kimberly said...

You'd have to know Josh to be rolling on the floor with this one; as we are here.