Friday, June 13, 2008

Our Week in Review

This past week was Fin's "summer" as he starts summer school on Monday, and I was mildly apprehensive that I was going to go crazy with the two of them home all day, all week.  But we fell into a pattern pretty early on (and it definitely helps that Fin is taking naps again!) and I found the days went quickly.  We did a lot of reading (this week its all about "Monster Hug" and "There's a Bird on Your Head" by one of our favs Mo Willems), had a "picnic" lunch everyday in their room, dressed up, rocked out, went for "nature" walks and more general silliness.  And it also helped that we had Thursday to look forward to.  Thursday Gammie and Papa came down and we went to the science museum to look at the insides of dinosaurs, throw balls down a funnel, and make giant marble mazes.  It was madness till all the school groups left, but once they did we were able to really look around and enjoy it.   Parker was alternately terrified and enthused about the dinosaurs, wanting to see everything, but not willing to do it on her own two feet (Mama or Papa had to hold her).  Fin loved every minute of it, though he's still not to keen on that smoke ring machine (the first time he went to the museum he absolutely refused to go near the "ghost").   What I really came away with from this week with the two beans is how much they do love each other, and how good they are together.  When I was pregnant with Parker all I heard was how much they would fight, how they would be jealous, blah blah blah.  But they are so good to each other.  Not that they don't fight, tease, and in general behave badly towards each other every once in a while.  But I have to say the majority of the time this week they played together more than they did on their own, without me needed to intercede for any reason (except for the occasional, "DO NOT FLIP OVER THE ARMCHAIR PLEASE!!!!!!").  My hope for them is that they remain close, especially into their adult lives because as my folks always said, "you're sister is always going to be your sister" and I cherish the relationships I have with my lil sisters, and always wished I had a big brother.    

Here's some moments from our week

Monday I washed Parker's face with a washcloth, and she was cracking Fin up by holding it in her mouth and spitting it out.  This led to Fin wanting his own washcloth, and they played merrily with each other for a good hour making each other laugh with their washcloth antics.

Tuesday we went to the park down the street and practiced rolling down hills.  

Wednesday we were rock stars and strummed our guitars along to songs:

Thursday was pirate day as we anxiously awaited Gammie and Papa to come and take us to the Science Museum ("Diiinnnooosauuurrrsss!!!")  While we waited Parker and Fin dueled all over the house ("I'm a pirate and Sissy is a..ah...a giant squid!") only pausing when they accidentally hit each other to apologize.  I'd hear "Hiii-ya! Hiii-ya! OW!"  "Sowry Pippin!"  "That's okay.  Hiiii-ya!":

And today, inspired by the dinosaurs we saw with Papa and Gammie, Fin was a "tie-ron-a-sauras rex!" and Parker was alternately either a dinosaur herself, a baby dinosaur, or a damsel in distress.  This clip shows her in all three roles:

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Kimberly said...

Looks like a LOT of fun! Two happy babies!