Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just Married! (well sort of)

OKAY! So I finally got these to upload! Yeah! Jessica Lynn is officially a married woman, gone and come back from her honeymoon already. Her wedding was loverly. The flowers were beautiful, the cake was yummy, the food (the food!) was to die for, and she was gorgeous. And it was so...Jessie. Parker made it down the aisle, thanks to the lure of bubbles (the whole way down the aisle she asked everyone, "bubbles? bubbles?" and when she got to the end she squealed "BUUUUBBBBBLLLLLEEESSS!" upon seeing Daddy with those oh so precious bubbles) Fin fell in love with and did not leave the side of one of the girl's old friends, even making her carry him as she caught the bouquet (the ribbon around the bouquet said "you will marry a much younger man" so I think they may technically be engaged). When we left Fin said goodbye to Aunt Kathy, "Bye Auntie Kathy! It was fun habing a wedding at your house!"

Here's some pics, in no particular order. Since I was in most of the group shots, I don't have a lot of pics of people, but I got some good ones of all the little details that made it so pretty.

Here's the baskets that were scattered around the garden and lined the aisle:
A close up of the centerpieces:
Sarah and Jessie with one of the kiddy crafts:
Her adorable favors (inside were lemon drops):
Best pic of a bride ever (isn't her headband cute?! Those daisies are actually a vintage earring I wore to my prom, aren't we clever?):
The classic "back of the heads of the bride and groom" shot:
My handsome Papa:
Parker doing what she does best (clearing my plate):
The cake (too cute! lemon filling, yum!):
A wide view:

Ma and me:
The cake from afar:
Cake topper, vintage (Jessie fought long and hard on ebay for one of these):
Once I get some actual people shots, I'll stick those up too! Enjoy, and Congrats Jessie and Chris!! We love you!!

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