Tuesday, January 20, 2009

4...going on 37

Last week when I dropped Fin off at school I realized, to my dismay, I had forgotten it was pajama day.  I felt terrible, but Fin just shrugged and said, "Thats alright." and continued on his way to play.  His teacher looked at me and said, "He's so mature!  Just so easy going, does whatever you tell him to!"  I kind of murmured something like, "Oh, really?"  and she continued, "Oh yeah, most kids would be having a fit right about now.  Whatever you're doing, keep it up!"  

The same day, in the evening, I was downstairs folding laundry when Fin came down.  
"I haf to go potty Mommy, and Sissy's sweeping so I came down here so I won't wake her up."
"Okay, go ahead."
As he walks by me he asks, "Oh, are dos my cwothes?"
"Yeah, they are."
He pauses, "Fanks for doing dat for me Mama."
I stifle a giggle and say he's welcome.  He continues into the bathroom, but pops his head out just as he's about to go in.  "I wuv you Mom!"
"I love you too Boogs."
When he comes out of the bathroom, he says, "I went pee but I fink I'm gonna wait till the morning for my jellybean so I don't haf ta brush my teef again.  Good night Mom!" and heads upstairs.
(the jellybean is for potty training Parker, everyone gets one)

Seriously.  A four year old.  Thanking his mom for doing his laundry, taking steps not to wake up his sleeping sister, and forfeiting CANDY for the sake of his teeth.  I guess we are doing alright.  

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