Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trade Off

Since Josh had two weeks off for Christmas and New Year, we spent a good amount of time cleaning and purging the house.  We finally got rid of all the kids baby toys, all the clothes that were too small, and all the weird junk that ends up in your closet.  We also got rid of two big pieces of furniture, Fin's unused train table (he prefers the floor for his train) and a dresser that used to house all the hand-me-down clothes I received for Parker while still pregnant.  Nanny took the train table for her daycare, and we decided to leave the dresser outside with a "FREE" sign on it.  I've never done that before, and I rarely see anyone else doing that, so I was kind of nervous that no one would pick it up and our neighbors would get mad.  But about three hours after we left it, Josh went to take the trash out.  I was upstairs when he shouted at me to come downstairs.  And thats when I laid eyes on this treasure.  Someone had taken our dresser and in its place left this.  A two foot tall ceramic camel.  The questions are endless.  First of all, who buys/sells/manufactures giant ceramic camels?  Secondly, who drives by with the camel in their car already, and goes, "Oh!  Perfect!  There's the dresser.  Lets ditch the camel and take it!"  and Thirdly, who buys a GIANT CERAMIC CAMEL?  I keep trying to imagine what the house he came from looked like, and I can't fix it in my head.  I imagine it involved a lot of gold.  


Escher Dashiki said...

hahhahah, in LOVE! i think it's really funny that you got rid of 'trash' only to accumulate more 'treasure'.

you should look into this:

luh ewe!

oh, did you get the other shirt? take pics of them!

knuckleberry said...

A never ending cycle. The shirt did come, the kids LOVE them. I promise to take a pic soon! kisses

Kimberly said...

Oh, there's my camel!!!!!!!
Mom Wright