Friday, January 2, 2009

All Parker Needs to Keep Her Busy

Is some trash and her babies.  This baby bed was made out of some plastic piece that kept a toy in place while it was still in the box.  I walked into the living room and this little scene was set up in the middle of the floor.  She's also made beds for her babies out of cucumber trays (with the saran wrap as a blanket) and egg cartons.  Every single time I have never given her the trash, nor have I ever suggested she use them for this purpose.  

We bought her little bunk beds for her dollhouse for christmas.  I've only seen her touch it to chuck it behind her to make more room for her babies and animals.  Proof that the cliche that kids will always like the box better than the toy has a lot of truth behind it.

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Jessica said...

she is too clever!