Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Fin was sick this weekend with a tummy bug. As he lay in bed he was trying to wrap his head around why his food would come back out of his mouth. I explained that he was sick, and his tummy was upset. We've talked about germs before, and how you "catch" them, etc.
"I fink maybe Capri gave me her germs."
"Capri? At school?"
"Yeah, cause yesterday, she sneezed on me, and maybe her germs just went inside my mouth and down to my tummy and thats why I have germs in there."
"Well, yeah, that could be."
"Yeah, I fink thats what happened. Why did dat haf to happen?"

Yesterday the kids and I went to Mr.Wok's to get some noodles and rice. As we were walking in, a mom with two little boys (whom I've never seen before) walked out. The first little boy looked at Fin and said,
"Oh, hey Griffin."
"Hey Jakey. Hey Cole."
The other mom looked at me, and then at Fin, and turned to her boys and said, "Wait, you know people?!"
It struck me funny too, it was the first time Fin knew someone I didn't know. That coupled with how casual and cool they all were about it made it doubly funny. (turns out the boys are in his class, I've just never run into them before)

We're all just sitting around after dinner, when Fin asks me this doozy:
"Mom, why do people just stay in this world?"
"What do you mean, why don't they go somewhere else?"
"No, I mean why do they just go to sweep, and wake up and go to sweep and go to school and keep doing dat? Why do they do dat?"
"Uhh, are you asking me the meaning of life?"
*sighs* "Never mind Mom."


Escher Dashiki said...

have you been reading Nietzsche bedtime stories to your existentialist child?

i am going to marry your son one day. how gross is that?

The Family Wright (Huckleberry, Kniep) said...

yeah I'm totally taking that Barry the Nihilist Dinosaur book back to the library

Escher Dashiki said...

i'm still thinking about this post. i'm also probably getting fired today? or tomorrow right? you fire people on fridays?