Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mission Ranch Market

We go through a lot of produce in this house. A lot. Josh is a vegetarian, and by proxy we've pretty much become vegetarians as well. 3/4 of our fridge is produce that has to be replenished on a weekly basis, not to mention the giant fruit bowl on the counter. I have to ration and sometimes hide the fruit from my little rabbits. So the cheaper I can get it, the better. And if you've ever talked to me about food or groceries I'm sure you've had to hear me wax poetic about my beloved Mission Ranch Market. Any place I can walk out of with a bulging, I can barely pick it up bag of groceries for $20 has a special place in my heart. Add in some Russian products, endless assortments of teas, German chocolate, 50 cent tea biscuits, smells from the bakery and thumping Persian music and its pretty much the happiest place on earth. This is where Parker and I spend our Mondays.

These are YanYan cookies, they come with a dip (chocolate, vanilla or strawberry). The kids love these, not only because its cookies and chocolate, but because they have little sayings on the side, some of which are a little baffling. "FOX. BEWARE OF LIES" is one of my favorites. "SHEEP. WOOL SWEATER" is another. The randomness of it makes us giggle.

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Christy said...

I need to go here! Let's have a Monday date to Ranch Mission Market!