Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This morning I asked Parker to pick up the President flashcards she had dumped everywhere. She did. I just noticed this addition to our family pictures.


Griffin recently learned Josh's phone number and now feels free to call him all day long. Its gotten to the point where he's sometimes calling Josh four or five times an hour. The other day I heard Griffin pick up the phone. Then I hear him say, "DAD! Dad, you left your work bag here. *pause* Oh. Well I thought you forgot it."
(Josh rode his bike to work, and took his backpack instead)


Our screensaver pulls pictures from iPhoto and displays them. Parker and I were in my room when a picture of Josh and I at our wedding came up.
"Awwww! Is that you and Dad at your wedding?"
"Awwww, that was so sweet of you Mama."
"What was sweet of me?"
"To marry Dad like that."


Carrots bolted outside and the kids and I were attempting to catch him and bring him inside. Carrots just kept gleefully running from one bush to the next. As he leapt, yet again just out of our reach, Fin turned to me and said, "THIS is why I need a tranquilizer gun!"

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