Thursday, March 17, 2011

St.Patrick's Day

As you may remember, last year the leprechauns came and made quite the mess in our house. This year Griffin and I decided we would try to trap those little buggers. We knew we had quite a task in front of us, as they are sneaky and clever as all get out. Fin's first idea included a yo-yo falling from the ceiling as the leprechaun tripped a wire on a blanket thrown over a laundry basket, pushing the blanket and leprechaun into the basket where he wouldn't be able to climb out. While clever, we had to shelve that plan since we have cathedral ceilings and I couldn't even begin to mount a pully system to it if I wanted to. So we went with our second plan, the good old leprechaun hat trap. We disguised a tall vase as a hat. The top of the hat is just a piece of paper laid over the top. Fin came up with the idea of using double sided tape on top, to stick to the leprechaun's feet and hold the gold coins down. He thought as the leprechaun struggled to get free from the tape or get the coins up, he'd move around enough to make the false top fall down and he'd be stuck inside the vase.

Then we made some signs. As I'm sure you know, leprechauns are contrary little fellows, so if you tell them NOT to do something, they are more than likely going to do it. So Fin came up with these signs, and asked me to add my "fancy writing" to it.
*The "No Leprechauns Allowed" is Parker's contribution

It was a great trap. But unfortunately, we think we had more than one leprechaun. And they helped each other get out...

And then they went to town on the rest of the house. Here's the kid's playhouse on the kitchen table:

Our milk was green, as was the water in the toilet:
They got out all the stuffed animals:

They put Parker's jewlery in the bathroom sink and the tennis rackets in the kitchen sink. And they made a giant book pyramid on the coffee table. *sigh* Maybe next year we'll get them...

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