Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meet Daisy (officially)

Parker has been asking for a corn snake for years. And since she's only been on this earth for four years, thats pretty impressive. We never really entertained the thought seriously for a couple of reasons (cost and the fact that Josh and I both have never taken care of a snake being the top two). With my new job I spend a lot of time talking about animals, and I mentioned once at the pet store how Parker loves snakes and is always asking for a corn snake. The guys at the store were gung-ho about Parker getting a snake, arguing amonsgt themselves over which snake would be the best for her, telling me exactly how to take care of it, etc. etc. I reminded them that I had no plans on buying a snake, that this was all hypothetical. When I came in the next week they all pounced on me and said they had great news for me! One of the workers was moving and needed a good home for her snake, a white morphos corn snake.
Thus we became snake owners.

(sorry these photos aren't great quality, since she's nocturnal we try to handle her later at night so she's more comfortable, but it doesn't lend itself to great lighting for pictures)

Parker immediately fell in love with her and she and I decided to name her Daisy. Parker has never been squeamish about snakes and has absolutely no reservations about handling Daisy. She coos at her and tells her she loves her just like someone would to thier baby or a kitten. Josh and Griffin are more hesitant about her, but becoming more at ease. So far its been really fun and pretty easy to have a snake. Carrots discovered her the other day, but he backed up pretty quick when she came up to the glass. I don't think he's going to try to get her out anytime soon.

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