Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Duck Pond

As we were walking out the door this morning I noticed that Griffin's eye was red. He said it wasn't bothering him, but as any mom of a school age child will tell you, a red eye is never a good thing. We dropped Parker off at preschool where Ms.Aimee (our friend and P's teacher) confirmed my gut reaction, Fin shouldn't go to school. Instead of driving all the way home and then coming back to pick up P, Fin and I decided to run some errands around her school. We hit up the grocery store, the thrift store and the hobby shop. We ended up with more time so we went to the Duck Pond for a bit. Its a beautiful day and it would have been really serene had it not been for the lawn mowers and leaf blowers.

This goose was sure we would feed her, and followed us around the pond.

Fin was really excited to spot this goose sitting on a nest.


Amanda said...

Does Miss P happen to go to Years of Discovery (aka Mary Moppets of yore) by any chance? My mom worked there for 20 years when I was little. :)

The Family Wright said...

She goes to Lakeview Learning Center, part of the lake/club. She has a fabulous teacher, a Ms. Aimee Hood :)